Written by Capri Curtis – – –

Welcome to part two of four in this series of applying a holistic approach to our healing. This article will cover the physical approach to healing, followed by a short exercise to help bring deeper awareness to the body.

Our relationship with the world and people around us begins with our relationship with ourselves and our bodies. Extending unconditional love to our bodies, regardless of any stories formed about what we think of them, can serve as a path to living a more grounded life where we feel more safe, seen, and loved.

No matter what your body has been through, looks like, or identifies as, it is worthy and deserving of your deepest love.

The better relationship we have with our bodies, the better relationships we have in our lives because when we honor our bodies as they are, everything we do from that point on has the foundation of us working in harmony with what our bodies are telling us.

‘Gut feelings’ are just one example of how our bodies communicate with us. The more we tune into these messages, honor them, and act accordingly, the more security and love we bring to our lives.

Tuning in simply means placing your attention on your body, how it feels, and listening for what it might be trying to tell you. Here’s an exercise to begin that process:


Get in a comfortable position, and take three deep breaths – in through the nose and out through the mouth. When you inhale, try to inhale all the way into your belly space. When you exhale, extend the breath for a little bit longer than your inhale, this will tell the body to relax.

Focus on one body part at a time, bringing awareness to how each part feels, without judging or trying to change it. Just observe it. As you go through the body, see if you can acknowledge what it feels like to feel your body from the inside. Certain parts of the body may feel different than others, but what matters is simply that you are giving attention to each part.

Sit with this for however long feels comfortable for you, and when you go about the rest of your days, see if you can bring this awareness to your body more often. Our bodies hold our deepest wisdom, tuning in deep will allow it to rise to the surface.


Capri Curtis is a Conscious Awareness Coach. She guides others to be more consciously aware of how situations/people/tendencies in their lives may be affecting them on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Utilizing pattern recognition, dynamic perspective shifting, and a deep emphasis on true self-love, she aims to guide others on a journey of falling in love with themselves. With inner peace will come outer peace.