Written by: Capri Curtis

Welcome to part four of the four-part series of a Holistic Approach to Healing. Part four addresses the spiritual level of our lives.

Whether or not you resonate with the word “spiritual,” none of us can deny that we are made of energy. Tapping into the energy within us and around us is leaning into the more ‘spiritual’ parts of our lives. Everything in our minds, bodies, and hearts begins as energy. Therefore, focusing on how we are operating and healing on the energetic level can be very helpful in terms of understanding why we have certain reactions, responses, thoughts, and emotions.

With this deeper understanding of this level comes a greater compassion for our own experiences. For example, if we get triggered by something that someone says to us, instead of focusing on the details of what they said or how badly it hurt to hear it, we can instead focus on bringing awareness to the energy that is paired with this experience and learn from it. Meaning, we can focus on the feeling that we feel in our bodies and minds, and send love to that instead of getting stuck on what they said. Once we understand the energy that surrounds the pain, we then get the opportunity to do two things: one, remove ourselves from similar painful energies like this in our lives and two, extend more love and compassion to the part of ourselves that is impacted by that energy.

The more we can discern what energy feels good and what does not, choosing who and what we allow ourselves to be exposed to, within the limits of our control of course, the more we can live a more peaceful life. It also allows for more healing opportunities for the parts of us that may still feel dense in our bodies and hearts.

Here is an exercise to start familiarizing ourselves with our energetic bodies:

Sit or stand in a comfortable position. See if you can feel the energy around your body. It may come up as a tingling sensation, warmth, coldness, or even pain. Don’t judge whatever feeling it is, just sit with it. This energy you are feeling is your energy body that exists beyond your physical body. This space is where intuition, connection with God, and connection with others can make itself known. Whenever you feel like you need some external help with a situation in your life, see if you can tap into this energy body, it holds all of your answers.


Capri Curtis is a Conscious Awareness Coach. She guides others to be more consciously aware of how situations/people/tendencies in their lives may be affecting them on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Utilizing pattern recognition, dynamic perspective shifting, and a deep emphasis on true self-love, she aims to guide others on a journey of falling in love with themselves. With inner peace will come outer peace.