By  Jennifer Nevels, NMD

Tanning beds, although a quicker way to get color any time of year, have been shown to be unsafe. Tanning beds can cause skin cancer just like the UV rays from the sun.  Teens who use tanning beds are at a higher risk for the more dangerous skin cancers called melanomas.

Sunless tan lotions are a better option than tanning beds, but products vary on their ingredients. Many of the popular brands have toxins in them, like parabens and fragrances to name a few. The chemicals get into the body through the skin and through the lungs when using sprayed products.   Parabens mimic estrogen (the main hormone in the female body) so using products with parabens listed on the label can cause hormonal imbalances like irregular cycles and PMS.  Fragrances, not including essential oils, can trigger allergies and sometimes headaches.

Good news is that there are healthier alternatives on the market that can offer the same benefit.  The Environmental Working Group offers an easy tool to find the least toxic product. Products are ranked from 0 to 10 based on the lowest or highest amount of chemicals in a particular product.  Check out this link to learn more:

This is information only – NOT medical advice