By Kizzy Kittrell Dogan

Thank God we have evolved. You girls can dream of becoming engineers, scientist, journalist, president, CEO’s and just about anything you can dream of.” – Kizzy Kittrell Dogan

I have always been a dreamer. From a very early age, I would sit for hours, reading magazines or watching television, envisioning the life I wanted. However, I didn’t have the wherewithal to write out a plan. I didn’t know the importance of goal setting. I didn’t even know what a vision board was at the time. Perhaps this is why I spent a considerable portion of my life flip-flopping from one dream to the next, almost like a dog chasing his tail, going around and around in circles with no clear path.

Because  I discovered my purpose later in life, it’s so important to me to bring awareness and spark interest now so you can begin to dig deep, and I mean dig as deep as you can about your desires, passions, gifts, and talents, and the things you love. I am not suggesting you need to choose today or should have this figured out at your age. I desire that you develop awareness early on and start to pay very close attention to the things you love. So you can begin focusing on doing the things you are passionate about and the things that bring you joy and excitement. It’s critical that you focus on your dreams and career goals much sooner than later because there is no time like the present. Often later turn into never because time travels so quickly. Faster than a New York minute, trust me, that’s super fast!

Preparing is crucial to achieving your goals. The first step in preparation is to write out your goals physically. Along with writing out your goals, you also have to write out the steps necessary to accomplish the goals. After you write out your goals, Start working each day on one thing that will move you closer to the finish line. Ensure you revisit, revise and improve your plan daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly until all of the goals listed on your plan are accomplished. I’m old school and like to write my goals down on paper. However, typing in the note section of your phone or any electronic device will suffice. I believe, when we write our goals down, we begin to visualize our dreams into fruition.

Representation and visualizing are just as crucial as writing out your goals. That’s why vision boards are so important. It is my opinion that your vision board should mirror the things you truly desire and want. It would be fraudulent of me to lead you to believe I have been creating vision boards for years. The lie detector would determine that’s a lie. This year is my first year ever creating a vision board. Thanks to my GGF, who invited me to a vision board party on New Year’s Day. It was my very first vision board party and my first time creating one. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in them or recognize the power of vision boards. It was simply because I never took the time to create one and figured as long as I keep writing my goals down and following the steps, that was enough to make the life of my dreams.  I had been toying with the idea of creating one for some time, and when I got the invitation, that was confirmation that it was high time; I do something different this year. Add something to the mix that would enhance my chances of becoming the best version of myself and living the whole life of my dreams.

My girlfriend was a pro at creating vision boards. She had been creating boards at the start of every year for several years and finished hers in just a few hours; however, I am embarrassed to admit it took me about three days to complete my vision board. I don’t know if I developed a case of OCD while creating my board or believed all the hype of vision boards’ power. It was probably a combination of both because of all the people who previously confirmed how important having vision boards were in the process of manifesting their dreams. When I sat down and started tearing pictures from magazines, my wheels started spinning uncontrollably. All of the ideas, wants, dreams, desires, goals, passion, and purpose from childhood to that day flooded my mind. I knew this board had to represent my heart’s true desires. I was intentional with my selection of pictures and knew I could not leave any detail out. My GFF tried to warn me not to cut too many photos out, and she said to be decisive and clear on my vision. Focus on a few things to manifest this year. However, I couldn’t allow myself to focus on just a few of my goals because I knew in my heart there is no time like the present, and I wasn’t sitting on my dreams ever again. I have big plans, big ideas, and a vision that stretches beyond this stratosphere, and I intended my board to represent all of that when I looked at it every day. My board is extensive, and already several things have happened. Just as my GFF offered me advice when creating my board. I want to provide to you, be as equally bold and creative and intentional and honest when creating your vision board as you like.

In addition to writing goals down and creating vision boards, we must learn to articulate our heart’s desires. We must speak life into our dreams and desires. I believe in speaking the desires of my heart into existence. Because there is power in the tongue, we must practice speaking positivity into our dreams and desires. Given control to negative thoughts is tragic. Begin each day by telling yourself you are capable, deserving, equipped, and you are enough. Make these declarations loudly and boldly every day. Become very clear on your purpose so you can ask for precisely what you want and need to fulfill it.

Considering there is no new idea or creation under the sun, no dream of yours is farfetched, stupid, or silly. There is always room in this world for your vision. My prayer is that you dare to be so bold that you scare yourself. You become so fierce that even your number one supporters think you’re crazy. Dream so ridiculously big, and remember you can accomplish every goal of yours with focus, hard work, commitment, determination, and perseverance. Don’t ever let people talk you out of fulfilling your desires. Never let people try to convince you not to follow your dreams because they cannot envision what you are capable of manifesting. FYI: don’t concern yourself about the opinions of others. It is not your business to make them understand your wild and crazy dreams. The Opinion of others is not your business when it is not constructive or beneficial to your growth and development.

Remember, to accomplish your goals; it will take lots of heart, determination, perseverance, commitment, sacrifice, ethics, consistency, and a level of boldness that confuses people. Stay focused and stay committed to exceeding your very own expectations. Keep in mind that when we are bold, we do it scared, we do it without having all the answers, and we are relentless and intentional about creating the life of our dreams. Be self-aware and know you are worthy of the desires of your heart. Focus on your purpose and work diligently to fulfill it. Don’t waiver from your morals, principles, and values in the process, though. No matter what, never let fear stop you from trying new things or pursuing your happiness. Never be ashamed or too embarrassed to ask for help. We all need guidance, support, and mentors. Lastly, we plan to fail when we fail to plan, and failing is not an option.

There are a lot of people routing for you, especially me. I am optimistic you will make us very proud with every career choice, goal accomplished, and dreams fulfilled! So go on, girl,  live your best life! God does not make mistakes, so courageously become that unique being who God declared you are.


Kizzy Kittrell Dogan is the author of Thirteen: Lessons for Every Teen Girl’s Journey to Womanhood, The Chief Executive Officer of T&G Commercial Cleaning, LLC, the Founder of Love Circle Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit organization geared for boys and girls who lost a parent before adulthood, and a certified Event Planner.​  Kizzy proudly sits on the St. Margaret’s Achievers Toastmasters International Executive Board and volunteers with the Youth Leadership Program. She is an advocate for second chances, a philanthropist, conference and seminar enthusiast, and is extremely passionate about inspiring, motivating, and fostering the best qualities in everyone.