By  Jennifer Nevels, NMD

Believe it or not the very foods you are eating could be making you sick.  There are two different types of food allergies.  The first type is an allergic reaction that happens more immediately after consuming the food.  Examples of this type of allergy tends to be more dangerous as you can have difficulty breathing or can be covered in hives. The second type of food allergy is often called a food sensitivity.  The reaction doesn’t happen quite as quick.  We can have a delayed response that can activate in the body a few hours up to 3 days after consuming that ingredient.  Food sensitivities can be a culprit in many different health issues including:  Stomachaches, headaches, acne, weight gain, fatigue and joint pain.  There are blood tests that can be done to look at both types of food allergies to see what could be affecting you.  The most common food sensitivities are: wheat (gluten), dairy, and baker’s yeast (bread) and eggs.  If you are having any of the symptoms that food sensitivities can cause it may be a good idea to try to avoid all of these foods at the same time for 4 weeks to see if you feel better.

Wheat and yeast alternatives: Brown rice, brown rice pasta, brown rice cakes, quinoa, corn tortillas to replace flour tortillas, lettuce wraps instead of buns. Choose organic if possible.

Dairy alternatives: Coconut, almond, pea or rice milks.

This is information only – NOT medical advice