By Kristen Donia

Happy Self-Care Awareness Month! September officially starts off the celebration into all things fabulous – you! And to be honest, you really don’t need an excuse to take care of yourself, but if you need the reminder, September has arrived!

This month, we created something special for you. A free downloadable for you to use all month (or all year) long. Put it on your bathroom mirror, near your bed, inside a cupboard in the kitchen, anywhere you will see it regularly.

With prompts, practices, and reminders, it will help you develop a healthy, loving, kind, self-love practice. Wishing you a September and beyond full of feelings of enoughness and fabulousness!


Kristen Donia is a freelance writer living in a tiny house she built in sunny Southern Oregon. She has a Bachelors Degree in Education and has dedicated her life to studying and writing about empathy, vulnerability and enriching the human experience.