By Planned Parenthood of Arizona Education Team

Teens are hungry — hungry for knowledge, understanding, experiences, and connections.  Whether this hunger lies within yourself or within someone you know, this is what you’re often searching for on the internet. And believe it or not, comprehensive sex education has the ability to satisfy some of these needs. By comprehensive, we refer to curricula that provide full information on sexuality (e.g. communication, consent, boundaries, birth control, abstinence, etc.) and that focus on developing the skills needed to make appropriate and healthy choices in your sexual interactions.

As this type of sex education remains absent in most Arizona classrooms-it’s important to consider the effects of this information gap. Without support from within school walls, teens are turning to their most comfortable and familiar tool for sex education: the internet.

Although the digital world has a beautiful plethora of information for any eager person to eat up, it can also swallow you whole as you sift through all the information. Finding reliable resources may seem daunting at first, but there are many sexual and reproductive health organizations that do the work for you. As the go-to source for sex education, Planned Parenthood Arizona is proud to do the sifting for you by providing evidence-informed and comprehensive sexual and reproductive digital resources you can trust. Sex education happens in the digital world.  Quite frankly, it thrives in the digital world. And that is why we recently revamped the resources and navigation on the education section of our website – so that you have  access to the most current, inclusive, and reliable digital resources (including 80 resources for a wide range of audiences).

We believe access to these resources provides you with a source of control over your own sex education in ways you may not otherwise find. It empowers you to learn about your bodies, feelings, and desires on your own terms.  Below are a few of our most-used digital resources that you’ll find on our site…


Roo is an online chatbot that answers all your awkward questions about sexual health, relationships, growing up, and more. Chatting with Roo is free and private, so go ahead and ask the things you don’t want to ask out loud. Proudly powered by Planned Parenthood.


AMAZE takes the awkward out of sexual education with videos for teens, LGBTQ+, parents, and educators. From topics like puberty, gender identity, healthy relationships, reproductive health, STIs, and more. Offered in English, Spanish, and several other languages!


Scarleteen is sex ed for the real world. Their resources are based on what teens asked for and are centered around the understanding of human sexuality as a positive, beneficial part of life.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is a place where LGBTQ+ youth and their allies can find answers to frequently asked questions, and explore resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and more!


WeRNative is comprehensive health resource for Native youth, by Native youth, providing content and stories about the topics that matter most to them- including sexual health.