By Dr. Jennifer Nevels, NMD

Having your period is a natural occurrence and the very sign of it welcomes womanhood.  Many girls when first cycling choose to use pads because the idea of using a tampon may feel weird to them.  Tampon use may be of interest to a girl who has a heavy flow or is involved in athletics where it may be considered less messy.  By no means does it have anything to do with sexual activity or suggests that by using a tampon you would be more inclined to be sexually active.  Using a tampon is purely associated with aiding in managing the flow and its use may help minimize leaking that can occur more often with pads. Every girl must be in tune with their body to know what is best for them.

When using a tampon, however, make sure that you don’t forget to remove it as it can make you more vulnerable to a vaginal infection or worse toxic shock syndrome (a life-threatening affect from the toxins released from the bacteria).  Another thing to keep in mind, is the quality of the tampon or pad.  Look out for more natural products typically labeled as organic and unscented.  They eliminate major toxins like pesticides and other chemicals that can negatively affect your health.

This is information only – NOT medical advice