By Stephanie Brewer

Choosing a job and a career is a big decision. The world of work is full of opportunity and you can pursue any job you’d like. You may already have an idea of the kind of work you want to do. Or you may still be unsure.

There are so many options that choosing a career field can be overwhelming. Some exploration and planning can help you to find a job that’s a good fit and create a career journey that connects you to work where you can thrive!

Become a Career Explorer

It’s important to gain an understanding of the wide range of options available to you. Charting your career path will be easier when you feel confident about where you’re headed.

One of the best ways to begin to prepare for your career is to become a Career Explorer.  Think of this exploration in terms of both width and depth. Choose to investigate a range of career fields (width) and then consider the various roles within those fields (depth).

For example, if you think a career in law is interesting then explore how legal services occur in the field of law as well as other industries like health care, science and entertainment—that’s the ‘wide view.’ Then take a ‘deep dive’ and explore the many jobs that exist in the field of law including attorney, law clerk, investigator, law librarian, paralegal and law enforcement.  You can do this kind of investigation for any field of work or any role.

So how do I find MY fit?

Once you know more about the many options available, it’s important to continue the exploration. Be sure to think about how your unique strengths and abilities connect to the career options you consider.

There are many resources to help you find a good fit in career options. Below are some suggestions to help guide your exploration.

  1. What do you like? Write ‘Like,’ ‘Don’t Like,’ and ‘Strengths’ lists and think about the kinds of job that might be a good fit.
  2. Visit the O-net and take the free career assessment online at
  3. Talk to people who already do the jobs you’re interested in. Ask them questions about what it takes to be successful in that field and job.
  4. Look for every opportunity to volunteer in the fields of your interest. This is a great way to find out if you really like that kind of work.

The most important thing to remember is that choosing a career is a journey. You can, and should explore as many work options as possible to look for your best fit. As Walt Disney said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ So go ahead and create big dreams for your future and enjoy exploring all the options to make those dreams a reality.