By Rachel Rubenstein, LCSW

I don’t always feel good about myself.  How do I build my self-confidence?

What an important question! Self-confidence can actually be your Superpower, you just need to know how to access it. First, remember that self-confidence doesn’t look the same in all people. Public speaking, raising your hand in class (even when you aren’t sure of the answer), or asking an uncomfortable question – these are just a few obvious and outward ways self-confidence can manifest. But, there are also quieter kinds of self-confidence, the inner strengths you already have. Know who you are and be proud of yourself for being you. When we deepen our understanding of ourselves we help identify our character strengths and further develop our self-confidence. These insights are your Superpower! Knowing you are valuable even when you make a mistake. Being able to feel embarrassed and move on (hey, we all get embarrassed and live to tell about it!) Having your own opinions. Being comfortable with who you are. Building self-confidence can be done by understanding yourself, knowing your character strengths and personal talents, and letting them shine. We can’t be all things all the time, but we can understand ourselves to become our own “self-confidence cheerleaders!” Get to know your Superpowers-and build on them to be the best version of yourself. Strong On, Girl!

This is information only – NOT medical advice