By Kristen Donia

In learning more about what it means to be body positive, discussing the role of affirmations was only natural. In Daily Affirmations for Building Body Confidence we talked about what affirmations are and how to best use them when it comes to body positivity. These daily exercises you say out loud may have even become part of your weekly or daily practice.

What are body neutral affirmations? Do they sound different than body positive affirmations? In fact, they do. Body neutrality shifts our focus from the physical aspects of our bodies to what our bodies are capable of.

Therefore, body-neutral affirmations acknowledge and affirm how important those capabilities are. Think of it as giving back to our bodies. After all, each and every day we breathe, swallow, blink, etc. These are what we call passive acts as these things happen automatically. We don’t have to tell our bodies to breathe; we simply do this life-giving process due to our body’s natural abilities.

Providing our minds and bodies with these loving practices gives us an opportunity practice being grateful for having a body. Practicing them regularly can lead to an increased belief and understanding in what we do each day.

Body Neutral Affirmations:

I am grateful to have a body.

I do not need to feel attractive at all times to be happy.

This is my body.

My body does not need to change to be accepted.

I release the notion that I have to be a certain size to be accepted.

Acceptance of my body starts in my head.

I accept my body just as it is.

I do not need to change my body.

Acceptance of my body continues in my heart.

I am not my appearance.

I am a complex individual who is inherently deserving of love.

My body is strong.

My mind is courageous.

Restricting food is not an act of love.

Forcing myself to eat differently is not an act of love.

Eating with balance creates food freedom.

It is healthy to love the way food tastes.

I accept food as nourishment for my body.

Vulnerability is strength, not weakness.

I will be kind to my body.

I speak to my body as if it is my best friend.

My body is intuitive.

My body deserves respect.

Practicing some or all of these daily (or creating your own) will reinforce the positive aspects of your body’s abilities. Doing so will create a more loving and accepting environment within your body and within your life.


Kristen Donia is a freelance writer living in a tiny house she built in sunny Southern Oregon. She has a Bachelors Degree in Education and has dedicated her life to studying and writing about empathy, vulnerability and enriching the human experience.