Written by Kristen Donia

In a recent video, influencer Elyse Myers (@elyse_myers on IG and Tik Tok) shared her thoughts on personal appearance and it really got everyone talking.

Since the beginning of the year, Elyse’s following has grown to over one million people.

No doubt we are all drawn to her honest, real, approachable, and relatable content. She’ll post something about having menu anxiety – the act of preparing what you want before going to the restaurant by scouring the menu only to find that you ordered the wrong thing. Or she’ll share her forgetfulness or her thoughts on current clothing sizes.

What a joy it is to come across someone in the social world who is incredibly down to earth. She makes the embarrassing, normal, the taboo, shareable, and smiles all the way through it.

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for after all, to feel a little less awkward, less alone in this thing called life.

Often, social media can make us feel like we’re not skinny enough, pretty enough or just in general good enough. Like we need this product or that to finally feel worthy.

What Elyse brings to the forefront of our minds is the distinct fact that how we look is actually not that interesting. There are far more characteristics, experiences, stories (and more!) that go into who we are. A far departure from what we look like and what we choose to wear.

To illustrate: Here are # things that are more interesting about you than the way you look:

  • where your name comes from
  • what makes you light up with excitement
  • the last time you danced
  • your favorite song (and why!)
  • how you named your pets
  • where you are in sibling order
  • the last time you saw the ocean
  • what toys you loved when you were a baby
  • your different nicknames (and stories behind them!)
  • your favorite trip
  • what your favorite color is to wear
  • where your family is from
  • what you think about as you fall asleep
  • your first thought in the morning
  • your favorite animal (domestic and wild)
  • who you feel you can share anything and everything with
  • what makes you feel safe
  • your desert island food
  • what your favorite dessert is
  • when your golden birthday is/was
  • the fruit you like to eat the most
  • your favorite story to tell
  • the vegetable you like the most
  • if you could watch one tv show the rest of your life what would it be

There are many incredibly interesting things about you! What are some others that came up for you as you read the list?


Kristen Donia is a freelance writer living in a tiny house she built in sunny Southern Oregon. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and has dedicated her life to studying and writing about empathy, vulnerability and enriching the human experience.