By  Jennifer Nevels, NMD

There can be a lot to juggle in life between: school, friendships, relationships, after school activities, and work.  Sometimes it is easy to neglect the needs of your body in order to keep up with the daily demands.  However, this can catch up with you and potentially lead to fatigue, headaches, anxiety and depression.  Fueling your body with proper nutrition is a necessity.  Over time, if you aren’t eating regularly, the brain starts to receive mixed messages and in turn will shut off the hormones that are released to stimulate your appetite.  This is even more problematic because then you aren’t getting the typical signal any longer to remind you that you need to eat.   If you are caught in this vicious cycle then there is a simple way to break this unhealthy pattern.  It is best to start out with three small meals a day that contain a healthy fat or protein. This will help to re-engage the brain to turn that hunger signal back on in no time.


  • Nuts/seeds and a piece of fruit (Almonds, cashews, pecans or an apple dipped in peanut butter)
  • Salad- with different vegetables, pumpkin seeds, avocado, protein
  • Protein smoothie: Pick a protein powder and add it to coconut milk along with berries and blend
  • Humus and vegetables, pita chips

This is information only – NOT medical advice