By Jennifer Nevels, NMD

STDs are different organisms, like bacteria and viruses, that are transmitted sexually and can cause symptoms depending upon which one is being passed on.  HIV is a different type of virus, called a retro virus, but it is sexually transmitted as well.  Infections can be spread from person to person through sexual contact, including vaginal, anal or oral sex.  Having another STD at the same time of exposure to HIV makes it more likely that the virus can be transmitted into the blood stream from any breaks in the skin.  All STDs are serious in nature and may not cause symptoms.  If not using protection or practicing abstinence it can continue to spread and impact others. Besides sexual abstinence the only other way to minimize exposure is by using condoms.  If you have been intimate sexually it is best to get checked for STDs at least once a year.

This is information only – NOT medical advice