By Kathryn Tiffany, MS LAC

Your best friend is moving and this can leave you feeling sad, scared, angry, and even abandoned.

So now what? All the things you shared with your bestie will now have to be faced alone or with someone else and it can feel like things will never get better.

Here are some simple steps you can take so that the loss doesn’t hit you so hard:

1- Take the time to say goodbye in a way that is meaningful to you and your BFF. (write a letter, get him or her a special gift, frame a photo, make a digital creation of your friendship, etc.)

2- Stay in touch often. With the accessibility of technology you should be able to stay in touch in many different ways. (social media, video chats, emails, texts, videos, etc.)

3- Feel your feelings. You will experience a lot of different feelings and they are okay to feel. Make sure you talk to someone about them if you are feeling very angry or depressed. For the most part it is normal to feel all sorts of emotions during this time.

This is information only – NOT medical advice