By Adriana Parsons

Learning to think, take initiative and solve challenges like an entrepreneur is a great opportunity for you to develop new skills and strengthen your natural abilities. Leading with an entrepreneurial mindset can position you to better recognize opportunity as you navigate your high school journey and take your steps toward success after high school.

It’s important for every entrepreneur to access professional networks to grow their knowledge, skill set and expertise. You don’t have to wait until after high school to launch your network connections. There are educators, faith leaders and business champions in your community who are invested in helping young people launch their own purposeful paths leading to meaningful personal and professional pursuits.

Activate your networks now

An example of a program that encourages high school students to build connections with business and community leaders is the the Peoria Unified School District Medical, Engineering and Technology (Peoria MET) Professional Academy. The Peoria MET is all about “getting real” by infusing the business world into education. It’s the place where inspiration meets innovation and students who are interested in the fields surrounding Medical, Engineering, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Bioscience are set up for success while still in high school. Peoria MET is designed to motivate you by treating you as young professional, while helping you jump start your college and career pursuits.

Peoria MET is one of 49 programs in a network of 99 school district across the country focused on activating your student voice. The Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Network is a nationally-recognized model for experiential learning and profession-based education. The CAPS Network connects students, educators and business partners in a collective vision for the future of education. CAPS programs like, Peoria MET, share experiential learning best practices and innovative ideas for business and education partnerships.

The CAPS Network is launching a documentary film and speaking tour to propel experiential learning throughout all levels of education. The tour is making a stop to highlight the work of Arizona’s Peoria MET.

The film, Where Students Lead, chronicles the dramatic student impact of the CAPS profession-based education model, and its growth across the country. The film will be premiered across the US on during a multi-city tour. The film screening for Arizona will be hosted on Monday, April 8 at 6 p.m. at the AMC Arrowhead Theatres located at 7700 W Arrowhead Towne Center, Glendale, AZ 85308. To watch the Where Students Lead film trailer, view a complete listing of screening event details, and to purchase tickets, visit

Leading with an entrepreneurial mindset

As a young person navigating the options for your college and career endeavors, be open to self-discovery and exploration. Lead with an entrepreneurial mindset. But what does it mean to take on that kind of mentality? Look for educational opportunities that allow you to be creative, ask questions, take risks and explore a diverse range of experiences. This will allow you to make more informed decisions about your future. The students of Peoria MET and their peers across the CAPS Network welcome you to their network fostering entrepreneurial learning, connecting with business mentors and go where students lead.