By Kristen Donia

Welcome to December. If you celebrate Christmas, stockings are hung by the chimney with care and if Hanukkah is more your cup of tea, you’re dusting off the menorah.

Or perhaps you’re looking forward to a slower pace and taking some deep breaths after a long and big year.

Whatever you’re celebrating, this can be a big season full of big feels.

Family gatherings, holiday parties, showing up all the places plus all the things that go along with having a life, and the ongoing pandemic – it’s a lot to handle.

We often yearn for January’s fresh start, focusing on our new year’s resolution plan when really, we can step into every area of our life more dynamic and powerful, whenever we want. And that includes how we feel in and about our bodies this holiday season.

Let’s consider this:

What can we do this holiday season to make ourselves feel powerful and healthy in our bodies instead of how the world sometimes makes us feel?

Today ask yourself:

  • What makes you feel powerful in your body?
  • What grounds you into your body?
  • What topics bring out your most excited self?
  • What outfit makes you feel your absolute best?
  • What time of day are you most excited about life?

Often this time of year our days are filled with deadlines, get-togethers, shopping lists, and cravings for delightful holiday treats.

But what if we looked underneath the stress this holiday season can bring and asked our hearts what we truly needed this year to feel held, special, and whole?

Put yourself on your holiday list this year. Ask yourself what you need more of. Here are some ideas.

  • More time relaxing.
  • A new shirt to wear to a holiday party.
  • Quality time with my best friend.
  • A book I heard about on social media.
  • A lipstick that would make me feel bold at my job interview.
  • A school schedule that better fits my needs.
  • A special dinner with my parents.
  • A date to the school dance.

In the spirit of the season. What are some things you could give to those around you? Here are a few ideas.

  • This season I could give my little sister/brother my undivided attention while she tells me a story she really cares about.
  • Give my parents the opportunity to tell me about their day, connecting with me face to face without a device.
  • Propose a family movie night this month.
  • A call to a friend or family member I haven’t talked to in a while to check in and see how they’re doing.
  • Send funny meme to make my friend smile. She’s been having a hard time lately and making her laugh would create the lightness I know she needs.
  • I could buy coffee for my friend before class and surprise her with it.

Often we need to look outside of ourselves this season when everything we need is within us. How do you take care of yourself during the holiday season?


Kristen Donia is a freelance writer living in a tiny house she built in sunny Southern Oregon. She has a Bachelors Degree in Education and has dedicated her life to studying and writing about empathy, vulnerability and enriching the human experience.