By Charlotte Klaar

Last week we provided an update on community colleges to get you thinking about them as an alternative to a four-year university.  Today we’re going to look at their many advantages and why they may be a good fit for you.

For those who seek a Bachelor’s degree, there are several reasons why you should consider going from high school to a community college and then to a four-year college for your Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Financial Advantages: The average cost of annual tuition and fees at four-year institutions in the 2018-2019 school year was $35,676 at private colleges, $9,716 for in-state residents at public colleges, and $21,629 for out-of-state students at public colleges, according to data from S. News & World Report.Room and board expenses add to these amounts. Student debt in the U.S. now exceeds $1.5 trillion,and it’s obvious that college debt can become a crushing burden on students. In comparison, community colleges cost $3,660 on average per year. One reason for lower tuition at community college is that they’re more utilitarian. There’s less infrastructure and fewer extracurricular programs. The very amenities that make students prefer four-year colleges also increase overhead and, hence, increase tuition.There’s another cost-saving incentive in that students who attend community college can live at home and commute to their campus.
  1. Improvement in Academic Credentials:There are high school students who, for a variety of reasons, don’t perform atthe academic level required for admission to the colleges that they aspire to attend. The best way for them to demonstrate their ability to succeed at that level is to complete an Associate’s degree program with an excellent academic record.
  1. Transfer of Credits: A number of states have credit transfer agreements (articulation agreements) between community colleges and the public university system. These agreements enable students to take community college courses that satisfy core requirements at the four-year institutions. After completing their Associate’s degree, students can transfer to a four-year state institution with all credits intact.
  1. Support Services:Community colleges offer services that suit their students, such as study skill improvement, remedial math and writing classes, academic advising, tutoring, and admissions counseling.


Dr. Charlotte Klaar is Director of Klaar College Consulting LLC and a trained facilitator for the Parenting with Love and Logic program. She has successfully counseled college-bound students for more than 26 years both in-person and virtually.