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Eating Disorders

Three different treatment tracks, for ages 12-17…eating disorders, trauma, and mental health.


Work Phone: (520) 531-1040

Website: http://desertmilagros.net/

Programs and services are available in both Pima and Maricopa County to address the needs in children and adults. Comprehensive medical and behavioral health services


Work Phone: (602) 313-4525

Website: http://www.devereux.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ahwc_index

Adolescent residential and outpatient programs for eating disorders and co-occuring disorders.


Work Phone: (520) 546-3200

Website: https://www.mirasol.net/treatment-programs/mirasol-teen.php


Work Phone: (866) 329-7713

Website: https://www.meadowsranch.com/


Eating Disorders

Offers inpatient and 24/7 residential care for adolescents with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, and co-occuring addictions.


Work Phone: (844) 885-1594

Website: https://www.rosewoodranch.com/locations/rosewood-ranch/rosewood-ranch-adolescents/


Work Phone: (480) 734-1199

Website: http://www.mandelcenter.com/default.html

Specializes in treating women and girls fo