By  Miriam Aliberti —

“Life is a sum of all our choices.”

­­­­ ~Albert Camus

The Power of Choice

We make decisions every single day—from the small stuff like what to wear, to more important choices like where to go to college or who we want to marry. Our choices have the power to affect the direction of our lives. Each choice is an opportunity to take you one step closer to the life you ultimately want for yourself. It’s powerful stuff when you realize that it’s all up to you. Every little choice makes a statement about who you want to be in the world and what you want for your future. Thinking about how your decisions can affect your future will help you make choices that lead towards happiness and fulfillment.

Get Better Not Bitter

Sometimes, things don’t happen the way we want or how we want them to and this can be disappointing. Choosing to grow and learn from those situations instead of letting them hurt us is one of the secrets to success. We are all human and the truth is that we all will fail from time to time. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from achieving your dreams. Learning from our failures is sometimes the best way to learn, and persistence in the face of challenges or criticism is a sign of someone with a growth mindset.   Getting what you want out of life often requires effort and the ability to face up to the very stuff that scares you the most. Choose to dust yourself off and move forward despite setbacks.

There Is Always A Choice

Sometimes it can feel like you have no choice when someone else gets in the way of something you want, or circumstances prevent what you’re hoping for. Maybe something happened in your past over which you really didn’t have a choice. These situations can make you feel helpless, but there are still choices. In biographies of holocaust survivors, you will often hear them say that even when Nazi soldiers were controlling their every move and death was staring them in the face, they still could choose a positive mindset. It’s important to know that no matter what happens in your life, you always have the power to choose how you respond, think, and feel. That’s the power of choice.

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