A credit card allows you to borrow money, up to a certain limit, to make purchases and cash advances.  When you use your credit card, you are agreeing to pay back the full amount borrowed, which can be done gradually.

Although you must be 18 yrs. old to have your own credit card, with the help of a parent or guardian, some banks offer Teen cards to 16-18 year olds, which have a small credit limit.

In the case of a debit card, you are using your own money to pay for your purchase as it is typically linked to and draws from your bank account.

Teens as young as 13 may be able to get a debit card, with the help of a parent or legal guardian.

Things to keep in mind…If you are too young to have a credit history and are trying to build one, a debit card won’t help with this, it’s best to stick with a credit card.  Additionally, a credit card provides more security for you.  If someone who is not authorized to use your credit card (like a thief!) does use your credit card, you can stop payment for the charges until investigated.  HOWEVER, if a thief uses your debit card, they can take all of your money out of your account in a matter of minutes.  Poof, just like that your account has a balance of zero!

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