By Kristen Donia

Winter, spring, summer, and fall. A beautiful quote from a special song, and – the theme to a certain show currently playing on Netflix. If you guessed, Gilmore Girls, high five to you girl! A song about friendship, a show about connection. Friendships ebb and flow just like the ocean, reminding us of the inevitable changes in life.

What season of life are you in? Yes, it is February for all of us in the northern hemisphere. Temperatures are slightly warmer, maybe you’ve been wearing a few more tees and have begun packing away a few sweaters. The warmth of Mr. Sun is a beautiful element of this season, not to mention just generally here in Arizona, our Valley of the Sun. When you think about what you’re going through in life right now, your day to day activities, schedule, and routine, what season of life do you feel you are in?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our day to day lives. Wake up, go to school, sleep, rinse, repeat. Maybe you’ve nearly finished your freshman year or preparing for graduation and a new adventure in college this fall. Reflection often takes a backseat when we’re busy. The more items on the to-do list, the less down-time exists in our lives. In our current culture, we are constantly on the move. Go here, get that done, then onto the next thing. We could all use a chill pill, some downtime, and probably a nap. Can I get a heck ya?

When you check in with yourself, how do you feel in this season? What word sums up life right now? Maybe it’s – hard, emotional, or struggle. Perhaps it’s exciting, anticipation, or nervous. Whatever it is, it is perfect. That may be tough to hear if you are right in the thick of a difficult moment in your life. Just know this, it is a season and seasons pass.

Change takes time. Bring yourself a dose of peace, knowing this simply is the season you are in right now. Give yourself grace and offer up some patience, if at all possible. It can be easier said than done. We’ve all been there. Wishing you could speed up time to get to what’s next. Pushing through the pain, trusting what follows is better than what we are experiencing right now.

The harsh truth is, this season has something for you. We learn from our lessons as well as what we watch happen around us. Have you ever heard the comparison of how diamonds are made? Under pressure? That’s how emerging from a tough season of life feels.

Reflection brings awareness to our lives. Showing us what we want, just as much as what we don’t want. Remember to practice healthy habits, practice regular self-care, and the power of body-positive language. Take time to journal, walk, and process, or talk to a trusted friend regularly about what you’re going through and what you want out of life. You’ll discover the incredible power of speaking your dreams out loud.

Life is complicated and what we go through doesn’t define us, but it does make us who we are. Whatever you are experiencing, know that we are here to support you. There are endless resources on our site, here to connect you with important community programs, with real people who care. Head to our home page and click on the Resource Directory to get connected