By Mindy Hall, SHRM-SCP

What criteria should you use to apply for jobs and to accept or reject offers to interview? Thanks to low unemployment and an increase in job postings, not only do you not have to jump at the first offer that comes your way, but you can be very selective.

This is the time to look for a position that will be a good fit for you and which also has longer-term potential. Sixconcepts to consider:

  • Culture: Company core values and beliefs.
  • Opportunity: Learning, development, and career growth.
  • People: Do they offer a mentor? What is their leadership style? Check employee reviews. Are they Leaders or Managers?
  • Stability: Check company performance. Look them up on Google, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn for reviews. How well are they doing financially and long have they been in business?
  • Work-Life Balance: Do they offer and flexibility with office hours, or remote or shared office space? What paid time off do they offer? What feels right for you?
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Look around the office or zoom meeting. Diversity goes beyond race, gender, age, and education levels.

Right now, we may have the luxury of being able to choose from multiple job offers. Most people are in the workforce for around 50 years. Most people switch jobs about every four years,by choice, or not. You may change jobs 12 and 15 job times over your career. Many of us will even experience three or more distinctly different careers before we retire.

The ability to turn job interviews into job offers may be the most important success skill. However, because of lack of experience, it may also be your weakest skill. So, when do you turn down a job interview? The answer is never because turning job interviews into job offers is a must-have skill.

Make sure you check your attitude and have a professional approach to interviews. Do not fear them, you are also interviewing them to be sure this company and the people are right for you.  Interviews are no longer about whether or not you want the job; they are opportunities to polish your skills.

Go to every job interview with the goal of getting a job offer. What is the worst thing that can happen? You may gracefully turn down the offer, but expand your professional network, and improve essential career survival skills. You may not always get that offer but be courageous as the offers will come. At the time of the offer if you have more questions ask them. Be ready and soon that dream opportunity will come along. Remember, you are looking for a place of excellence, bring your excellence to the game and everybody wins. Best wishes.


Mindy Hall is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional with over a decade of successful experience in Human Resources, and specializes in hiring, training, and identifying a path to success for owners, managers, and employees.