By M Katie Helle, CPA

Have you ever been in a position to help out a friend or family member in a time in need?  Do you remember the feeling you had?  This is the same feeling many people have when giving to charity. Each year, millions of people donate to charities on a regular basis supporting the causes of their choice.

You may be asking yourself why people give and give generously. Aside from the tax benefits you may receive, the answer is pretty simple; it makes you feel good.  It’s a huge mood booster.  This mood booster has a ripple effect in your life.  Donating strengthens personal values and improves your self-worth.You become more socially and consciously aware of issues around you.  For many, it even brings a sense of purpose to their lives which can encourage others to give generously.

Many people perceive giving generously as providing a monetary donation.  This however is not necessarily true.Many charities need more than monetary donations; they need volunteers to help achieve the goals of the organization.  When I was a young adult, I decided to get involved with Make A Wish Foundation.  In this season of my life, I was only able to give a donation my time, so I became a Wish Granter.  The feeling I had was like no other.  I knew my time volunteering with this organization was making a huge impact on one child’s life.  Even though I am in a different season in my life, I still continue to volunteer.  This time with a different organization where my whole family can get involved.  We love supporting The F.A.R.M Rescue Arizona where we foster dogs and help them find amazing homes.  The sky is truly the limit with various types of organization you can give generously.

Whether monetarily or with your time, I encourage you to get involved in an organization where you can make an impactful difference.  There are a number of local organizations that need your help.  I promise you, giving generously will leave a lasting impression in your life.