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Behavioral, Emotional Health

Multiple resources and programs to support youth and families. Behavioral health & trauma response, foster care & adoption, family education & support, and many more.


Phone: (480)503-8530

Website: https://www.arizonaschildren.org

Offers specialized teen programs dealing with depression, substance abuse, aggression, rebellion, self-injury and suicidal behaviors


Work Phone: (877) 870-7012

Website: https://www.auroraarizona.com/

Provide general mental health and substance abuse services. The Lighthouse Project is a relationship based program that works with complex high needs adolescents and their families. Lighthouse therapists are in constant collaboration as a team working with a community of youth to insure consistency across all modalities of services including individual, family, and group therapy as well as youth community meetings.


Website: baylesshealthcare.com

Virtual comprehensive treatment for teens (12yrs – 17yrs) and young adults (18yrs – 27yrs) that includes group, family, and individual therapy, typically lasting 8 – 12 weeks.


Phone: (866) 721-0962

Website: CharlieHealth.com

CPLC offers a comprehensive range of bilingual and bi-cultural services in behavioral health, domestic violence, substance abuse…and more!


Phone: (602) 257-0700

Website: https://cplc.org/

Provide services in the home, school, clinic and community settings. Work with a variety of individuals, of all ages, with learning differences and behavior related disorders. Telehealth services also available.


Phone: (877) 504- 4141

Website: www.behavioralhealthservices.net

Provides therapeutic and social services to children and adults with developmental, physical and behavioral health challenges.


Phone: (480) 969-3800

Website: https://copahealth.org/

Programs and services are available in both Pima and Maricopa County to address the needs in children and adults. Comprehensive medical and behavioral health services.


Work Phone: (602) 313-4525

Website: DevereuxArizona.org

JFCS programs and services include: counseling & behavioral health, substance abuse & recovery, transition to adulthood, job development. Services are provided to people of all faiths.


Phone: (602) 279-7655

Website: https://www.jfcsaz.org/programs-services/teens/

In-person and telehealth appointments with psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed therapists. Day, evening, and weekend appointments available. Most insurance plans accepted.


Website: https://lifestance.com/

Mental health emergency care 24 hrs. every day of the week.


Phone: (844) 646-3247

Website: https://www.mind24-7.com/

Through individual, attachment-based family therapy, group, equine-assisted, and adventure therapy programs, teens experience a personalized treatment plan to assist in their personal growth. Issues addressed: mental health, depression, anxiety, substance use, eating disorders, and more.  

Newport Healthcare is a Joint Commission–accredited organization.  

Residential and Outpatient facilities located in California, Connecticut, DallasGeorgia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Utah, Virginia, and Washington State…teens and young adults from all states are accepted 

Phone: (855) 943-3019 

Website: https://www.newportacademy.com/ 

Variety of prevention & well-being programs for youth focusing on relationships, body image, mental health, substance abuse, and more.  Child and family counseling, peer support and group coaching programs.


Phone: (602) 652-0163

Website: https://notmykid.org/

Helps individuals struggling with mental health disorders & drug addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.


Phone: (866) 798-1202

Website: https://www.obhhospital.com/