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Domestic Violence

Provides online directory of domestic violence and shelters, emergency services, and support groups


Website: domesticshelters.org

This organization focuses on primary prevention and early intervention services for youth victim. Their programs include Youth Community Educator Program, School-Based Therapy, True Man (healthy masculinity), Second Stage Intervention Groups, Education

Metro Denver

Phone: (303) 322-2382

Website: projectpave.org

Provides crisis intervention, advocacy, and counseling for all affected by sexual violence regardless of financial ability. They offer payment on a sliding scaled based on your income and ability to pay. All offices offer services for ages 3 and up. The Fort Collins Office offers services for those 14 years and up for therapy

Northern CO

Hotline Phone: (970) 472-4200

Fort Collins Phone: (970) 472-4204

Greeley Phone: (970) 506-4059

Loveland Phone: (970) 775-2962

Website: savacenter.org

Offers instant chat options for youth and children 15-18 years old. They are available to chat Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Their youth and children’s program provides advocacy services, counseling, support groups, recreational opportunities, education, and case management for youths who have witnessed DVSA in the home

Colorado Springs, Serving El Paso and Teller Counites

Phone: 24 hour Safe Line: (719)- 6330 3819 and online chat options for teens

Website: tessacs.org

A community resource to help survivors of sexual assault and abuse on their path to healing; providing individual and group therapy including yoga and art programs, case management and more to survivors age 13 or older. All gender and sexual identities welcome

Metro Denver Counties

Phone: (303) 329-9922

Website: thebluebench.org